El Paso’s new arena soccer team ready to start season

EL PASO – This Texas city will soon have another professional sports team, the El Paso Coyotes. This time the opportunity will be for an arena soccer team from the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL), an international league for the United States and Mexico. Founded in 2008, the MASL has 21 teams. The El Paso Coyotes inaugural season officially starts on Saturday October 29th when they travel to Allen, Texas to face the Dallas Sidekicks. Their first home game is November 9, when the Dallas Sidekicks travel to the El Paso. The Coyotes will play in the 5,250-seat El Paso County Coliseum, 4100 East Paisano, in the South Central area.

San Diego Padres’ Mexico, borderlands strategy fitting well with El Paso Chihuahuas

The San Diego Padres are aiming to appeal not just to San Diego crowds, but also to fans in Mexico and border cities. With TV and radio broadcast deals in Tijuana. and playing two games in Mexico earlier this year, the Padres traveled to El Paso and faced their minor league affiliate, the El Paso Chihuahuas, to bring the major league experience to the border. The Padres were just coming off from playing two games against the Houston Astros in Mexico City before coming to El Paso March 31. The idea ended up being a successful attempt to expand on the relationship Major League Baseball has with Mexico.

5 routes bicycle riders should try around Ciudad Juarez

Although cycling is not one of the most popular of sports in the Ciudad Juarez area (not even close to being one), there are great spaces in this border community for people to go out on their bikes and have a good time. Whether just for pleasure or as a way to train for a cycling race, our Mexican sister city has different zones where this sport, for both road and mountain bikes, can be practiced on a daily or regular basis. Here are five places in or near Juarez for a cycling enthusiast. Valle de Juárez

According to cyclist Juan Carlos Salayandia, Valle de Juárez is a 90 kilometer route that cyclists can really enjoy due to the great views, especially with the green landscapes abound during the spring and summer. Dunas de Samalayuca

This is a mountain bike training trail.

Jugger – the battle sport inspired by a B-movie – attracts friendly warriors

The referee stands in the middle of the field and signals both teams to get ready. “Three …Two …One… jugger!” The teams run at each other, brandishing their weapons like medieval warriors. In fact, this is not very different from a battle from the Middle Ages; just add a little rugby, hockey, fencing and martial arts. But before the battle both teams gathered in a circle, reminding themselves that it is all about having fun. Then they broke the circle and went to a large stack of padded weaponry: spears, staffs, shields, chains and swords.

There’s more to minor league ball than who wins and loses

The El Paso Chihuahuas are back after what could only be considered a successful debut season for the Triple-A franchise. The beautiful new ballpark was a hit with locals and tourists, the initial name controversy simmered down and the attendance was through the roof. The brand new, state of the art Southwest University Park broke El Paso’s minor league single season attendance record half way through its first year, which might have played a part in the city receiving the Triple-A National Championship. Now that the novelty is over, my fear is that casual fans will lose interest, especially if the team doesn’t win most of the time. The Chihuahuas did some winning in 2014, but also did plenty of losing.

Juarez team riding water polo wave in Mexico

CD.JUAREZ — An unusually cold and rainy morning here welcomed the public to a training session at the diving pool of Centro Acuatico Universitario of the University of Juarez that is usually closed to outsiders. Yellow balls float in the water, and two goals are set up at the edges of the pool. What was once one of the best diving facilities in Mexico, the diving pool that is still equipped with trampolines and platforms and has a depth of more than 50 feet has been repurposed to fit teams of aquatic warriors that play a sport unknown to many: Water polo. A sport conceived in England and Scotland, water polo still enjoys wide popularity in Europe,the United Stated, Canada, China and Australia. Now Mexico joins the list as the popularity of this water sport grows here.

Mexicano busca regresar a Grandes Ligas

EL PASO – Son nueve los jugadores nacidos en México que actualmente forman parte de un equipo de Grandes Ligas. Ramiro Peña, actual parador en corto de los Chihuahuas de El Paso, busca volver a la Gran Carpa y aumentar la cifra, tomando un camino poco común para él. A sus 29 años Pena afronto esta pretemporada sin la certeza de un contrato garantizado, solo uno de ligas menores. “Fue un poquito diferente (la pretemporada) porque ya tenía varios años con un puesto asegurado en Grandes Ligas”, dijo Peña. “Pero aquí estamos trabajando duro para regresar a Grandes Ligas”.

From Mexico to the majors to the border, Chihuahuas shortstop keeps swinging at big league dream

EL PASO – There are nine Mexican-born baseball players currently on a major league roster. Ramiro Peña, El Paso Chihuahuas shortstop, is looking to increase that number and return to the majors taking a route uncommon for him. At 29 years old Peña went into this year’s spring training without the security of a guaranteed contract, all he had was a minor league one. “It was a little different (spring training) because I had already had various years with a guaranteed spot in the major leagues,” said Peña, who has played with the New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves. “But here we are working hard to return to the major leagues.”

En español: Mexicano busca regresar a Grandes Ligas

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Peña had little choice when developing affection for the sport — he had it in his blood.

Positive outlook helps El Paso boxing trainer go the distance

EL PASO — If the school of hard knocks had a dean’s list honor roll, Terry Green would hold a spot at the top of that roster. The 30 year-old boxing trainer and former Marine learned about loss at 14 when his mother died and he has been punched in the ring and shot at on the battlefield. Despite the hardships, he emerged as a leader, not only in the gym, but in his work in this border community and as president of the Black Student Union at the University of Texas at El Paso where he is working toward a degree in multidisciplinary studies. As the son of a service member, relocating frequently was a way of life for Green.During the summers, his father, Terry Green Sr. , a boxer himself, began teaching his protege the fine points of the sweet science . Learning about loss at an early age

When his mother died, life delivered a blow that would knock anyone off his feet.