Viva! El Paso

Pronto podrán volver a disfrutar de un show que mezcla historia de El Paso con

música y baile después de haberse ausentado. Reporteras Idali Cruz nos

tiene los detalles.

El Paso museums explore ways to engage community

El Paso’s arts district continues to grow, with a variety of attractions and experiences for all. However, the city’s museums still face challenges in building on community involvement. Borderzine reporters Yazmin Garcia and Tanya Carbajal produced this story.

El Paso’s story told on Digital Wall

Digie, El Paso’s Digital Wall has been collecting and showcasing thousands of images of the city’s past and present since it opened three months ago. Borderzine reporters Jose Soto and Viviana Duran produced this story.

Museum therapy helping soldiers deal with PTSD

A recent grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts is helping the El Paso Museum of Art support a unique art therapy program for soldiers with PTSD. Fort Bliss veterans that are being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are encouraged to explore the museum’s wide variety of artwork with the guidance of the museum’s staff and local artists. Borderzine broadcast reporters Jason Green and Jaquan White produced this story.

Oportunidades de ecoturismo en El Paso

Una escuela junto con una organization local, planean traer el ecoturismo a El Paso. Borderplex Alliance cuyo proposito es el desarrollo de la region y la Escuela de Arquitectura Texas Tech, se unieron con el fin de resaltar la belleza natural que existe en El Paso. Periodistas Boarderzine Priscilla Rios y Idali Cruz presentan esta historia.

Highway design adds artistic touches to the view

Energy-generating wind turbines are among many of the new artistic elements popping up along the I-10 freeway in El Paso. Borderzine broadcast reporters Alejandro Gonzalez and Ellisia Shafer produced this video on the roadside transformations.

Street art reinforcing community in public spaces

If you’ve been seeing more street art in El Paso, it might be the work of Dave “Grave” Herrera who uses aerosol art to reflect community pride. Borderzine broadcast reporters Alejandro Gonzalez and Ellisia Shafer produced this video after interviewing Herrera, who talks about how public art serves to connect us.