Fans keep El Paso’s working musicians going despite the financial struggle


EL PASO – Musicians like Abiel Macias, of the Abe Mac Band make a living doing what they love
but say it comes with a cost.

The Texas country singer/song writer has made music his career choice. With a wife, a toddler
and a newborn, he is the sole provider of his household.

“The struggles of it are trying to make your financial budget and actually making the investment on things that you want to achieve,” says Macias.

With upcoming tours from Dallas to Nashville, Macias is on a mission playing music and selling merchandise to get his name out there.

While musicians like Macias are still looking for success outside of the city, other musicians like Billy Joe Pando, frontman of La Mezkla, earn a living playing frequently at local venues.

“I got a gift and I need to use it and if I can if i am able to support myself doing it then I gotta do it,” says Pando.

Pando who also has dreams of making it to the “Big Time,” has played every Friday for three
years at Coco Bar on Lee Trevino.

Years of performing have led to Pando’s recording studio but he hopes to one day acquire the
missing piece of his life. Pando says, “there is still a lot more work that needs to be done to get to where I am comfortable I can start my family and have my home”.

These local musicians are not making the money of rock stars but they both get the motivation to keep striving from their audience.

“Crowds have been great,” says Macias. “They get to dancing,
crying and laughing having a good time drinking. It means its working”.

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