The El Paso Chihuahuas are a little beat up, but fans love them


EL PASO — So baseball returns to El Paso without skipping a beat. The Chihuahuas sold out seven of their first eight games. And those who were against the construction of the Southwest University Park, who said it was going to be a complete failure, are being proven wrong.

The Chihuahuas have had a
great start as far as the season goes, well at least attendance-wise. Before playing in their new home, the Southwest University Park, they were actually on a losing streak. The Chihuahuas were 9-14 going into their home opener and then they lost to Fresno going to 9-15. At least there was some symbolism there representing the 915 area code. And then they lost again the next night before another sold-out crowd.

The Chihuahua’s first win in the park came against Sacramento spurring them to a six game winning streak. They seem to be coming up in the rankings since the home opener.

The new ballpark looks to be quite a success since its opening night. It has been noted that restaurants and bars seem to have a spike in business during game days. This is before, during and after the games. People seem to flock to the businesses around the park for a dinner before or a drink after the game.

Aside from that, the stadium is said to be one of the best if not the best in all of Minor League Baseball. With enough room to seat over 9,000 people and more if necessary it also has full bars and restaurants. It has a kids zone, outfield seating, Party deck zones and diverse food options.

“I was actually very skeptical about the name and I’m still not fully convinced but once I was there I totally forgot and I was into the game,” said Sandra Hernandez. “People say that El Paso doesn’t have any money, but it was really nice to see all the families and everybody buying munchies, food and beer and everybody was having a good time. The stadium was actually packed and it was a Monday.”

Not to mention the national prank that was set on Chihuahuas outfielder and former major leaguer Jeff Francoeur. His whole team had convinced him that his teammate, pitcher Jorge Reyes, was deaf for a whole month. For that whole month Reyes played the part of a deaf man and Francoeur ate it up.

One thing that has had mixed reviews is the Chihuahuas’ mascot Chico. He has tears in his ears, a spiked collar, and scars. All which indicate that he has been in dog fights. Word is: don’t mess with Chico.

“I love ‘em I mean what can you hate about him? I mean his a Chihuahua, and a lot of people here in El Paso do have Chihuahuas including myself, so I love it,” said David Avila a Kinesiology major at El Paso Community College.

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