An increase of reported HIV infections among Fort Bliss soldiers might not be due only to men having sex with men as stated officially. (Alejandra Matos/

Sources clam up when it comes to reporting on HIV cases among Fort Bliss soldiers

EL PASO – Two young men, sporting fresh crew cuts, poke dollar bills into the underwear of a tall, lean, young woman.  She lightly kisses her patrons on the cheeks and nods in gratitude as she returns to the center of the stage of the strip club, grabs the pole, and hoists herself up to the rhythm of the music booming in the background. After the two young men sit down and begin to drink their beers, I approach the young woman on stage.  She slides down the pole gracefully while staying in sync with the beats to her routine.  She approaches me at the front of the stage and never breaks eye contact. I had no idea how to approach her to ask the question that had been running through my mind since first catching wind of the information that had been given to me…

Then the words just flew out of my mouth. “Do you see a lot of military personal during your shifts?” I asked. “Oh, we get lots of military guys in here, especially over the holidays.