El Paso’s 24-hour contact initiative for victims of domestic violence initiative crosses borders as a national model

El Paso’s homegrown program to help victims of domestic violence, The 24-hour Contact Initiative, has acquired a statewide and national reputation as one of the most effective in the country. It’s been lauded by Vice President Joe Biden in a 2014 national report on violence against women, has been adopted by other Texas counties as a model for their domestic violence programs and even sparked a University of Texas at Austin extensive research study where participants had this to say about the initiative:

“Family violence is is no longer a joke in El Paso County,” one participant said. “It’s become a respectable complaint, like a civil right,” said another. The program run out of the El Paso District Attorney’s Office reaches out to victims of domestic violence in less than 24 hours after an arrest has been reported to police. The main purpose of the 24-hours contact initiative is to provide an immediate safe environment for victims and provide them information about free services that they can tap into.

Teotihuacán: Merece visitar la famosa Ciudad de los Dioses

La ciudad de los Dioses, nombre popular del pirámide Teotihuacán en Mexico, es reconocida internacionalmente por su historia e incredible arquitectura. Una de las mayores atraciones de Teotihuacán es la Pirámide del Sol la cual es la tercera pirámide mas grande del mundo. Teotihuacán recibe alrededor de 2.5 millones de visitantes cada año siendo así la segunda zona arqueológica mas visitada en el mundo por turistas, dejando en primer lugar las pirámides de Egipto. Durante el equinoxio de primavera en marzo mas de 105 mil personas se reunen en Teotihuacán con la creencia de recibir energia positiva y comenzar un año nuevo de una mejor manera. Es un lugar místico que combina historia, cultura y diversion.

El Paso’s forgotten historical sites gather dust on the border

Weeds grow high around the empty buildings on the land where many say El Paso got its start. The spot where Don Juan de Oñate is believed to have led a Spanish expedition in 1598 after discovering the Pass to the North is marked by little more than an abandoned fountain. Generations later in 1850, El  Paso pioneer Simeon Hart established Hart’s Mill in the same area of Paisano Drive on the edge of the Rio Grande. Now there is just La Hacienda, a restaurant that closed down decades ago. The officers quarters from Old Fort Bliss, built between 1873 and 1893 still stand nearby – also empty and forgotten.

A social media guide for following pope events in El Paso and Juarez

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Pope Francis’ visit to the border Feb. 17 will be a day full of self-reflection and selfies as the faithful gather to hear his message from the streets of Juarez, Mexico, to the edges of the Rio Grande overlooking El Paso, Texas,

The Vatican and local Catholic missions have expanded their outreach on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instragram In an effort to appeal to young followers, Others have joined in with accounts and hashtags to create a platform for their own views ranging from a celebration of faith to drawing attention to their cause. Here is a quick guide to some of the most popular ways to engage in the digital conversations of the

New Twitter emojis

Twitter created five pope-related emojis for the big visit,. There’s a unique image for each stop on the pontiff’s trip to Mexico – Mexico City, Michoacan Mx, Cd Juarez, and Chiapas Mx. The Ciuidad Juarez emoji, activated with the hashtag #PapaenCDJ, shows the Cathedral de la Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
The Angel of Independence is used for Mexico City #PapaEnCDmx
There’s a temple for Chiapas #PapaenCHPS
There’s another cathedral for Michoacan #PapaenMich.