Lack of sight doesn’t keep these hockey players from the goal

EL PASO — Can you imagine playing a sport without seeing anything? All you can do is rely on your ears and communication from your teammates. Well, a local El Paso hockey team does just that every Friday. Ultra Violet Moose is an inline hockey team with visually impaired players along with players who have full vision. Medical technician Dan Guard is the coach who founded the team three years ago.

Changing the world a story at a time


El Paso – Want to get people to take action to fix a social problem? Entertain them with a story, Anu Sachdev says. Sachdev, a UTEP Communication graduate who is now program manager for “edu-tainment” specialists PCI Media Impact, came back to El Paso recently to show UTEP students and faculty how storytelling is shifting the audience view to pay attention to social global issues. Speaking at a brown bag session Oct. 30 at the Sam Donaldson Center for Media Studies, Sachdev emphasized an entertainment education approach to social change locally and globally.

St. Anthony’s Seminary Bazaar a classic El Paso tradition

EL PASO –There are a lot of events going on in this city every September, but the annual St. Anthony’s Seminary Bazaar has become a must-attend affair, famous for its music, gorditas, enchiladas and family-friendly fun. “The enchiladas are the best I’ve ever had. I had nine yesterday. And I’m an enchilada connoisseur,” said 33 year old John Lloyd Gardner, who attended his first St.