5 routes bicycle riders should try around Ciudad Juarez

Although cycling is not one of the most popular of sports in the Ciudad Juarez area (not even close to being one), there are great spaces in this border community for people to go out on their bikes and have a good time. Whether just for pleasure or as a way to train for a cycling race, our Mexican sister city has different zones where this sport, for both road and mountain bikes, can be practiced on a daily or regular basis. Here are five places in or near Juarez for a cycling enthusiast. Valle de Juárez

According to cyclist Juan Carlos Salayandia, Valle de Juárez is a 90 kilometer route that cyclists can really enjoy due to the great views, especially with the green landscapes abound during the spring and summer. Dunas de Samalayuca

This is a mountain bike training trail.

Visually impaired pedal to adventure in Juarez spinning group

CD JUAREZ — People with visual impairments have found they can pedal their way into a renewed enthusiasm for an active lifestyle by taking spinning classes in a redesigned gym here. They mount stationary bicycles at the the Gimnasio Adaptado Benito Juarez under the guidance of specially trained instructors who take them into an imaginary pedaling adventure, giving them the chance to exercise and enjoy the type of fun they usually can’t get on their own. En español: Bicicletas de spinning dan nueva luz a la comunidad invidente de Juárez

The gym opened in September with various instructors trained to teach sporting programs to people with disabilities. who can take free classes in activities such as karate, gol bol, basketball, and spinning. Silvia Salas and Karla Fonseca are two of the spinning instructors that have dedicated their time to lead classes for the visually impaired.

La City Ride: Promoting the border culture through cycling

CD JUAREZ — Mixed cultures, two languages, and a diversity of ideas and traditions make the metroplex of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez unique, and La City Ride wants to show off the border blend of events and practices in its bi-national culture. “La City Ride is an initiative born [in Juarez] as a result of Jovenes Emprendedores Sociales and graphic designers,” said Daniel Martinez, a promoter of La City Ride. “It has the intention to promote urban cycling and to generate a border identity through these Juarez/El Paso events.”

The border region’s rich mix of cultures, languages as well as isolation from major population centers in Mexico and Texas means that the border region often develops its own identity. La City Ride is a recent movement in Ciudad Juarez that invites residents to get to know and experience the special qualities of their city, for example historic downtown buildings, local coffee shops, and often unnoticed murals and sculptures. The organizers of La City Ride say they are creating biking events and cycling tours around different themes, like visiting coffee houses, to attract residents to join in to explore little known aspects of the city.

Juarez shop specializes in antique, unique and artisan

The owner of  a unique boutique in Juarez, called Julia & Ernestina, is hoping that the store’s mix of U.S. collectibles, Mexican antiques and artisan crafts can keep shoppers south of the border. “Everyone runs to El Paso to buy things, leaving Ciudad Juarez at a disadvantage,” said store owner Monica Renee Morales Gallo. She believes that in order for Ciudad Juarez to rebound economically money has to be circulating in the city and not outside. Julia & Ernestina is filled with products made by artisans, designers and companies from different parts of the Mexican republic. It also carries collectibles and one-of-a-kind items.

“Julia & Ernestina is a new concept here in Ciudad Juarez,” Morales said.