International students see benefits to studying at UT El Paso

The number of international students in the United States rises as more students choose the U.S. as the place they want to broaden their experience and continue their education. Nearly 900,000 international students come every year, the United States is now the most popular country for international students, according to The Wall Street Journal. While there are a variety of reasons for why students come to the United States, students cited five primary reasons for coming to the United States to study:

Academic Excellence
Variety of Educational Opportunities
Support Services for International Students
Campus Life Experience

The United States has one of the world’s finest university systems, with outstanding programs in all fields, according to the Migration Policy Institute. At the undergraduate level, there are excellent programs that exist in traditional disciplines, students also have the opportunity to work directly with some of the finest minds in their field of study, with the chance to become involved with exclusive research and educational opportunities. U.S. degrees are recognized throughout the world for their excellence.

Flashdance showcases El Paso’s newest dance talent

El Paso’s largest and oldest dance showcase, Flashdance, celebrated its 32nd anniversary in 2017 by featuring high school and private studio dancers from throughout the city. Parks and Recreation Public Relations specialist Wayne Thornton helped launch Flashdance, which began in 1985 as a competition and later was transformed into a showcase. The first shows were at El Paso’s Lincoln Center before moving to various locations in the city. It seems to have found a home at UTEP’s Magoffin Auditorium, where two shows were presented in February. Becky Salcido, coach of UTEP’s Golddiggers dance team said Flashdance is a great recruiting tool for dancers in area schools who truly have that passion and drive to take it to the next level.

Selena celebrated across El Paso

“Anything for Selenas,” the iconic line from the 1997 Selena Quintanilla-Perez biopic starring Jennifer Lopez, still sums up the feeling many El Pasoans have for the late Tejana songstress. The crowds turned out for a weekend of honoring the singer’s life sparked by the Selena Celebration movie festival at the Alamo Drafthouse at Montecillo March 31 through April 2.  

The festivities began with a party at the Later, Later bar, 109 N Coldwell The whole night belonged to the “Reina de la Cumbia” as people cheered, danced and sang along to all her hits. The Alamo Drafthouse had six screenings of the movie “Selena.” The $12.99 tickets included access to the April 2 Bidi Bidi Banda concert by an Austin tribute band in the theater’s parking lot. Those not attending movie screenings were able to attend the concert for $5. El Paso’s own Selena impersonator, Diamond, was the closing act.

Practice snake safety while out on the trails

It’s that time of year when you see an increase in people exploring El Paso’s mountain trails. But it is also the time when some hard to spot local wildlife may be out warming themselves on sunny trails and rocks in the foothills. “I like coming to Mckelligon Canyon because of all the beautiful scenery. It’s a way to step away from reality for a bit and become one with nature,” said El Pasoan Natalie Fernandez. Just be on the lookout for the venomous kind of nature that ruin your day when you may least expect it.