Flashdance showcases El Paso’s newest dance talent


El Paso’s largest and oldest dance showcase, Flashdance, celebrated its 32nd anniversary in 2017 by featuring high school and private studio dancers from throughout the city.

Parks and Recreation Public Relations specialist Wayne Thornton helped launch Flashdance, which began in 1985 as a competition and later was transformed into a showcase. The first shows were at El Paso’s Lincoln Center before moving to various locations in the city. It seems to have found a home at UTEP’s Magoffin Auditorium, where two shows were presented in February.

Becky Salcido, coach of UTEP’s Golddiggers dance team said Flashdance is a great recruiting tool for dancers in area schools who truly have that passion and drive to take it to the next level.

“A dancer must have a good work-ethic and be a passionate, upbeat and dedicated individual that can take criticism or in other words have a thick skin,” Salcido said.

This is why she has incorporated a dance workshop for Flashdance, which has become a huge draw for dancers who want to dance as a profession and want to take their passion for dance to the next level.

The dance instructors are NBA and NFL choreographers Oscar Hernandez who has been featured on the “Ellen” television show, and Luis” Weezy” Egurrola, who is the director of the Phoenix Suns Mercury dance team.

“I think Flashdance is a great event for us choreographers to come and look for dancers that would make it out as a professional dance team,” Egurrola said. “Also this a great way to be exposed to other styles of dance and a great way to expand your craft.”

Selena McClain was one of the 5 men and women selected to dance professionally at this years workshop.

“I am extremely shocked, because I had just moved here to El Paso not too long ago and the fact that these choreographers came and took the time to hand pick dancers to work professionally really blows me away,” McClain said.

Egurrola says he plans on coming back to El Paso next Febuary too scout more talent from El Paso.

“This event can open so many doors for these talented dancers that the Sun City has, I don’t think people realize the talent pool that El Paso has. I was extremely impressed with the dancers that showed up to the workshop, they picked up the choreography quick and in detail and that great because when you dance professionally you have to always be on top of your game and always be alert for the opportunities.”



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