Independent venues keep the music scene active in El Paso

El Paso has a couple of unique music venues that share the same goal—bringing more live music to the city. “We know that El Paso has a lot of potential. We have a lot of talented people here and we just wanted to showcase that,” said Mia Grajeda who opened Whole Lotta Denim in October 2022 along with her sisters Sierra and Savannah. Lowbrow Palace also opened its new location last fall at 1006 Texas. The original venue on on Robinson near the UTEP campus was a small, dark hole-in-the-wall with a capacity of 300.

Vet shortage contributes to overcrowding at El Paso animal services shelter

Kennels are packed tightly in the hallway, squeezed into employee break room areas and just about any corner where there is some space. Overcrowding has worsened at El Paso Animal Services and more animals are waiting longer to be adopted. In September, Joey had been at the shelter more than a year. He’s a friendly, medium-sized golden Labrador Retriever mix with striking two different colored-eyes. “We’re really trying to get pictures of Joey out on social media to get someone to adopt him,” Michele Anderson, the Marketing Public Engagement Manager for Animal Services said.

San Elizario experiments with cultivating low-water use gardens amid climate change

SAN ELIZARIO, Texas – This small border city in the Chihuahuan Desert is known for farming high water usage crops, like cotton and pecans, but the high heat and lack of rain from climate change is changing the traditional techniques of home gardeners.
Lorenzo Luevano was born and raised in San Elizario, and got his first taste of agriculture at a young age when his grandmother introduced him to gardening. Now in his late 20s, Luevano serves as the city’s agriculture manager, teaching residents in this low-income community how to grow their own fruits and vegetables in desert conditions.