to offer immigration reporting classes at IRE San Francisco

Investigative reporters and Editors 2014 Conference at San Francisco.

Investigative reporters and Editors 2014 Conference at San Francisco.

Four experienced immigration journalists will provide a series of training workshops on mining and visualizing data for effective immigration storytelling at the Investigative Reporters and Editors conference in San Francisco Saturday, June 27.

The four workshops will teach journalists how to mine immigration data and research for compelling immigration stories and provide hands-on instruction on using open source software to create visualizations for data driven immigration reporting.

The workshops will be held at the Marriot Marquis in San Francisco and led by veteran immigration journalist Lise Olsen of the Houston Chronicle, AP reporter Martha Mendoza and data expert Claudia Nuñez of Los Angeles. Borderzine Director Zita Arocha will provide an introduction to multimedia storytelling about immigration and how to use U.S. Census data to report on diversity within local communities. The conference also features additional workshops on immigration, human rights and U.S. demographics by journalists Alfredo Corchado, author of “Midnight in Mexico,” Bob Ortega, Cindy Carcamo, Ana Arana, Bernice Yeung, Vanessa Hua, and others.

The Borderzine-sponsored workshops at IRE are a continuation of a Robert C. McCormick Foundation funded Specialized Reporting Institute about Immigration held on the U.S.-Mexico border at the University of Texas at El Paso last fall.

“Our goal is to share resources and sophisticated immigration data and research with a wider group of journalists who may lack specialized knowledge of immigration reporting and help them craft compelling, context-rich stories using data that reflect immigration in their local communities,” said Arocha who teaches multimedia journalism at UTEP. “This is especially timely given the on-going debate about immigration reform that is front and center on the national agenda.”

The UTEP Immigration Reporting Institute drew nearly 80 journalism applicants from a variety of U.S. media outlets. Seventeen journalists from English and Spanish media outlets and two journalism students were selected to attend the two-and-a-half day training and later wrote immigration stories for their publications, which were republished by Borderzine.

Here is a detailed description of the Borderzine immigration reporting workshops this weekend at IRE at the Marriot Marquis San Francisco.


Saturday, June 28

Introduction to multimedia immigration storytelling and U.S. Census data

Speaker: Zita Arocha

Salon 12-13

9:40 a.m. – 10:40 a.m.

Learn to unlock fascinating stories buried deep in visa statistics, human trafficking reports, court documents and other public records both in your backyard and worldwide

Speakers: Lise Olsen, Martha Mendoza


Salon 12-13

10:50 – 11:50: a.m.

Analyzing immigration data 1

Speaker: Claudia Nuñez

Boot camp on how to use open tools to create maps/visualizations for immigration stories that follows morning sessions of Introduction to multimedia storytelling and U.S. Census data and Mining immigration documents and statistics

Nob Hill D

2:30 – 3:30 p.m.


Analyzing immigration data 2

Speaker: Claudia Nuñez

Boot camp on how to use open tools to create maps/visualizations for immigration stories that follows morning sessions of Introduction to multimedia storytelling and U.S. Census data and Mining immigration documents and statistics

Nob Hill D

3:40 – 4:40 p.m.


Additional immigration-workshop at IRE include:


Thursday, June 26

Immigration and border issues

Speakers: Ana Arana, Bob Ortega, Alfredo Corchado, Cindy Carcamo

**Moderated by Alfredo Corchado, The Dallas Morning News

Join acclaimed journalist Bob Ortega, Cindy Carcamo and Ana Arana for a provocative discussion about covering thorny immigration and border issues. Topics will include how to collect data from stonewalling officials, develop sources in no-man’s land and how to face the challenges of covering gray areas and nuances at a time of hypersensitivities and political piñatas.

Salon 7

3:40 p.m. – 4:40 p.m.


Friday, June 27 

Beyond barriers: How to get the story when you don’t know the language & culture (Sponsored by Asian American Journalists Association)

Speakers: Bernice Yeung, Monica Campbell, Fernando Diaz, Matt O’Brien, Vanessa Hua

*Moderated by Fernando Diaz, HOY Newspaper

Experts with extensive experience covering ethnic communities here and abroad will share strategies on earning trust, cultivating sources and finding stories despite not knowing the language. Learn how to develop solid strategies for finding stories with impact and thorough reporting while turning possible cultural barriers into opportunities.

Salon 4-6

8:50 a.m. – 9:50 a.m.


Investigating human rights in the Americas (Sponsored by Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma and Ochberg Society for Trauma Journalism)

Speakers: Alberto Arce, Alfredo Corchado, Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, Richard Marosi

*Moderated by Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, Columbia College Chicago

Join acclaimed journalists Alberto Arce and Alfredo Corchado for an engaging and informative discussion about investigating human rights abuses in the Americas.  Topics will include how to gain access to official and unofficial documents, work sensitively with sources and navigate issues of personal safety in countries where public records are not readily available and reporters face real threats of bodily harm.  The session will have practical tips and plenty of time for audience participation.

Salon 10-11

8:50 a.m. – 9:50 a.m.


Saturday, June 28

Quick-turn stories in emerging communities (Sponsored by Asian American Journalists Association)

Speakers: Momo Chang, Ravi Kapur, Molly Hennessy-Fiske, David Boardman

*Moderated by David Boardman, Temple University

Many journalists face pressure to produce quick-turn enterprise stories, and the challenge is even greater when working in communities where a newsroom doesn’t have strong ties. Hear from journalists who work in such communities and get insight on how to make those connections, and fine crucial information, to turn enterprise stories quickly.

Salon 1-3

8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.



Managers track: Building and protecting the watchdog brand

Speakers: Jonathan Mitchell, George Stanley, Manny Garcia, Joyce Terhaar

*Moderated by Manny Garcia, Naples Daily News

Three award-winning newsroom leaders provide practical advice – and take your questions – on how to deliver greater investigative stories and protect your franchise at a time when news operations face disruptions and other competitive challenges. Among the topics:  growing your I-team, identifying the project with impact, producing it across platforms and creating a culture of newsroom collaboration. Panelists are: Joyce Terhaar, Executive Editor Sacramento Bee; George Stanley, Managing Editor, The Milwaukee Sentinel and Jonathan Mitchell, Vice President of News at NBC Bay Area.

Salon 4-6

9:40 a.m. – 10:40 a.m.

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