A petition for Justin Bieber’s deportation is ignored by the White House


El PASO — After three months and 273,968 signatures supporting a petition to deport Canadian pop musician, Justin Bieber, the official White House government website called “We the People” has ruled on the matter — Bieber will not be deported.

Petitioners had argued that they were being wrongly represented in the world of popular culture by Bieber and would like to see the “dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug-abusing” singer deported and his green card revoked.

The petitioners also said that Bieber is not only threatening the safety of our people but “he is also a terrible influence on our nation’s youth.” That’s why “they the people” would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society, the petition says.

The White House didn’t make any specific comment about Bieber legal troubles, declaring: “Sorry to disappoint, but we won’t be commenting on this one.”

The White House statement continues: “The We the People website terms of participation state that, ‘to avoid the appearance of improper influence, the White House may decline to address certain procurement, law enforcement, adjudicatory, or similar matters properly within the jurisdiction of federal departments or agencies, federal courts, or state and local government in its response to a petition.’ So we’ll leave it to others to comment on Mr. Bieber’s case, but we’re glad you care about immigration issues.”


Justin Bieber's January 2014 mugshot, after being detained by police in Miami Beach, Florida. (©Miami Beach Police Department)

The controversial Bieber, 20, was arrested in earlier this year after he was caught drag racing by police in Miami with his father Jeremy Bieber and friends.

The pop star awaits trial on July 7 in Miami. He is charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

As of this date, no plea offer has been made and Bieber has pleaded not guilty.

He also faces a civil suit filed against him by a Miami photographer who claims he was assaulted by one of the singer’s security guards.

After a hard year for the singer, Bieber told his fans via Twitter: “This is my time-off but my mind is always running. Learned a lot this past year thru trial & error but that is life. Excited for what’s next.”

17 thoughts on “A petition for Justin Bieber’s deportation is ignored by the White House

  1. love u so much justin. haha so glad the White House ignored the petition. You are more perfect than words can even describe. Love yaaaa

  2. Please do not deport him! We DO NOT want him back. He only became this way after fame (Made in the U.S, because any famous Canadian has to go the the U.S to be anybody), so he’s your problem now! LOL. Lock him up for all we care.

    A proud Canadian.

  3. Okay look….he may have done bad things in the past. But, that doesn’t mean he should be deported. I can see why he should and why he shouldnt. But this is crazy! I’m not even a fan of Justin’s. But, that doesn’t mean he deserves this I mean isn’t this a free country? I know there’s such a thing as freedom of speech. But, this isn’t right for ya’ll to be dishing out at him like this. Have any of you even thought hey maybe there’s a reason he did what he did? I mean HELLO WAKE UP PEOPLE. He’s human!!!!!!!!!! He’s no different than any of you! Ya’ll are just immature and down right mean.

  4. think about it, if this happen to a person from another country that was a nobody the law would kick them out of the country so fast it would make their heads swim, so Mr. a_ _ hole why don’t you do all of us law biding people a favor and go back where you came from, and take all your paid thugs with you.

  5. ii love justin and i understand that he makes mistakes but he is followed 24/7 no-stop ,so yes we are going to see every little mistake that he makes ,but he is only human. That is the one thing that no one understands.He has millions and he can stop making music if he wanted to but he loves his fans so much that he continues to make music and we all (belibers) love him for it. And i know am speaking on the behalf of all true beilibers when i say this we all make mistakes.

  6. DEPORT HIMMMMMMMMMMMMM… man the dude obviously doesn’t care and thinks he’s some big shot, and the press is right, he is an awful influence on my generation. it is hilarious that his “fans” continue to defend him. It’s so annoying to constantly hear about him committing all these crimes, and then hear people say “well he’s young, it happens” or “He doesn’t know any better” Like seriously?! HE’S 20 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD he is an adult, although he doesn’t act like one. Just deport him..its not that difficult.

  7. “he’s human” GIVE ME A BREAK ok, humans learn from mistakes, NOT CONTINUE ON IN LIFE WITH STUPIDER OR MORE CARELESS ONES!!!!!!!! give me that petition, I wanna sign it.

  8. Let’s hope he loses his driver’s license AT LEAST… like anyone else convicted of DUI. That will show me some equality

  9. “Stupider”…. ONLY in ‘Merica! Let’s face it, the government only cares about the money he’s making so they can more than likely bank off his taxes. True, had he been anyone else they would have gave him the boot already, but, this is a bunch of retards that are running this country so of course nothing in OUR best interest will be done about the situation. I’m just going to go back to picking fuzz out of my belly button, and chicken meat out of my two good teeth left and watch as ole ‘Bama continues to things further into the damn dirt.

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