Amnesty prospects: Where do they come from, and where do they live?



IMPERIAL, Calif.—The first day of Senate debate on immigration reform ended in Washington today with several proposed changes accepted and several tossed by the 18-member committee poring over the merits of the almost 900-page S. 744, the proposed ‘‘Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.’’

The bill would offer conditional amnesty and a path to citizenship to an estimated 11 million immigrants living illegally in the U.S., among other provisions, all of which will require months of debate and amending before adoption.

In the meantime, fundamental questions like where those millions of people come from and where they live in America beg some answers.

Statistics in the following video come from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Public Policy Institute of California.

One thought on “Amnesty prospects: Where do they come from, and where do they live?

  1. Interesting paradox that what is taken by force of arms in warfare is legalized by the victor and considered legitimate. What is taken by force of arms among individuals is armed robbery and considered a crime. Immigration has always been a natural movement of human populations into a more favorable area or away from unfavorable conditions. Mexicans are just moving into that part of their “home” that was ALIENated from from them by the force of arms by a neighbor who preaches peace. Henry David Thoreau went to jail rather than pay the war tax to finance the war against Mexico in protest of that war. When his friends asked him, what he was doing in there, he replied to them, what are you doing out there.

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