One thought on “Downtown El Paso

  1. After 26+ years at the old Federal Courthouse and the new Federal Courthouse I am very familiar with beautiful downtown El Paso. The best tortas in town are still there at La Pachanga, the best sandwiches, soups, espresso & pasteries at Pike Street Market, caldo at Alberto’s. I miss “La Popular” a first class department store then with great camera and book departments, etc. You must see the dome in the downtown US Post Office. Jose Rodriguez, first and last name tocayo of our Senator Jose Rodriguez still does custom tailoring upstairs on Texas Street. It is rumored by some but verified by several, including me, that El Aleph made famous by Jorge Luis Borges was evicted from Buenos Aires and after travelling around the world is presently residing in downtown El Paso. A few local writers have sought it out and have been rewarded. Who’d a thunk it right here in River City El Chuco El Aleph has chosen to BE!

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