3 thoughts on “New genders challenge UTEP community’s tolerance

  1. This is a fine and hopeful piece, one that that makes me optimistic.

    But like some of the people quoted here, I reject the word “tolerance.”

    That’s the word mom used when I misbehaved: “How long do you think I’ll tolerate your nonsense?”

    It’s an ugly, patronizing word that stems from power.

    I prefer the word “acceptance.”

    Total, unconditional acceptance.

    Call me Cassandra, but I firmly believe that total acceptance of gays is arriving. (The banning of DADT is just a prelude as are 5 states validating same-gender marriage.)

    Discrimination against any group for any reason is simply not “The American Way!”

    So says the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

    I am optimistic that within the next few years, the Supreme Court will affirm that.

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