Fatima Gallaire: Borders are culturally-transmited illnesses


EL PASO — Fatima Gallaire, a Franco-Algerian world renowned author of plays, novellas, short stories and children’s books gave the talk “What are Borders? Culturally-transmitted Illnesses”.

Gallarie believes that borders are illnesses and that the idea of them has been transmitted from one generation to the next; children are first influenced by their parents to understand the border is to be feared.

“The fact that you are poor does not mean you’re not intelligent. Poor people find extraordinary ways to feed their families, work and get their children to school,” Gallaire said. “One way things will change, is when people understand they have a place in society. They need to claim their place and society will become more conscious of everyone having a place and it does not have to be political but social.”

2 thoughts on “Fatima Gallaire: Borders are culturally-transmited illnesses

  1. Natalie: Great quote from Madame Gallaire. You know she stayed at our house while she was in El Paso. I got to practice my French and found out how bad it was.
    Un abrazo, Roberto

  2. Fatima is a dear friend of mine. We met in New York a few years back and she left a huge impact on me. She taught me how to face my turmoils and keep my head up high not only as a woman but as a human being.
    We met again in Canada in june 2009 and I made her proud of what I had achieved in a few years thanks to her valuable wisdom. I am trying my best to pay it forward with anyone in need of some good advice, valuable friendship.

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