UTEP features alumnus Alfredo Corchado

EL PASO — Alfredo Corchado’s fellow alumni, family and friends, gathered at University of Texas at El Paso recently to listen the award-winning Mexico Bureau Chief of the Dallas Morning News and this year’s Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. Since his graduation from UTEP in 1987, Corchado has focused his writing on border issues and he continues to mentor and inspire young journalists who show a similar passion for investigative reporting. His family has supported his hard work and dedication and benefited from his example, said Linda Corchado, Alfredo’s youngest sibling, a Swarthmore graduate. “I’m very proud of my brother. He really opened up the world to me and made it accessible.

Keeping the elderly safe

EL PASO — An elderly Hispanic woman slowly crosses a busy street. Taking fragile steps, she finally is able to cross the street so oncoming cars can pass through. Confused and scared she flags down one of the cars and asks for assistance. The woman only speaks Spanish and the driver only speaks English. The driver finally grasps one word “police.”

Some elderly persons affected with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia tend to wonder away from homes or retirement facilities.  To improve safety for these people, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) developed a new vigilance system in Texas called the Texas Silver Alert.