New dance team the Coyote Girls brings new pro dance opportunity to El Paso

The city of El Paso welcomes a new professional-level dance platform known as the El Paso Coyote Girls, the official dance team of the El Paso Coyotes soccer team. For dancers all around the community, the addition of the new team brings more opportunities for local dancers who aspire to perform on for a large audience and engage in community outreach. The women are not paid for their work. The Coyote Girls debuted the team on Nov. 4 at the home-opener match against the Dallas Sidekicks, where the El Paso Coyotes fell 14-7 at the El Paso County Coliseum.

Bowie High School students gear up to launch sustainable food truck business

Starting a business can be a risky and tedious endeavor. Yet six Bowie High School seniors have taken on the challenge with a donated school bus, the support of school officials and assorted contributions from local businesses. If all goes according to plan, business seniors Sophia Morales, Veronica Rodriguez, Andres Valdez, Joseph Gutierrez, Sergio Marrufo, and Sisco Gonzalez, all age 17, will soon be selling healthy food options out of the Oso Good Food Truck to raise money for college scholarships. The student-run food truck business, slated to hit the streets in January, is a partnership with Bowie’s International Business Academy in partnership with EPISD, El Paso Custom Food Trucks, Bowie Garden Resources, and now Whole Foods Market. The six seniors enrolled in the International Business Academy at Bowie produced the business plan.

Obama urged to make El Paso’s Castner Range a national monument

In the Northeast region of El Paso, Texas there lies more than 7,000 acres of land next to the Franklin Mountains that may be most known for the yellow Mexican poppies that blanket the foothills come springtime. Now, the golden field of Castner Range may also be known as a national monument thanks to efforts by a coalition of El Pasoans pushing to preserve it for future generations. The Frontera Land Alliance and the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition teamed up to promote protecting the land from housing and commercial development. In December 2015, El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke introduced legislation (HR 4268) to establish Castner Range as a national monument. Now, a public push is gaining momentum to urge President Obama to protect the area by using the Antiquities Act to designate it as a national monument.