Janaye Ingram, D.C. bureau chief of the National Action Network, speaks about the importance of voting Saturday as part of 100 vigils held around the country for Trayvon Martin. “If we don’t want this to happen again, we have to make sure that stand your ground is repealed and that nothing else similar is introduced,” she said. (Christine Scalora/SHFWire)

Hundreds gather, pray at D.C. vigil for Trayvon Martin

WASHINGTON – Kadija Ash joined hundreds of others Saturday at one of 100 vigils across the country for Trayvon Martin. “This is the story of my life,” she said. “I have three sons.”

Ash, 62, a D.C. resident who works for the city, said lived through the fear that became reality for Trayvon Martin’s mother. Her sons are now in their 40s. “It didn’t for me, but it could have,” she said.

Supreme Court rules for gay marriage in two cases, ends term

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court handed supporters of gay marriage a pair of victories Wednesday on the final day of its term. The Supreme Court ruled that the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and determined that it could not rule on California’s Proposition 8. Both decisions were 5-4. In United States v. Windsor, the DOMA case, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said the act violated the equal protection clause of the Fifth Amendment. DOMA, enacted in 1996, defines marriage as between one man and one woman.