Esther Chavez Cano remembered as a powerful force for women in Juarez

EL PASO — Esther Chavez Cano fought in Juarez against an epidemic of violence that killed 1,192 women during the last 18 years in what became known as the feminicidios. Chavez Cano, who died in 2009, was remembered in El Paso February 25 as a beacon of hope for women in Juarez. “She was a symbol of accomplishment, social commitment and change,” said Dr. Moira Murphy, a Professor at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). Chavez Cano was a human rights activist who brought attention to terrible violence committed against women and children in Juarez, Mexico, a city in a fight against drugs, corruption, and murder. Chavez worked endlessly assisting families of women who were murdered or the survivors of violence.

New graduates face the tough reality of today’s job market

EL PASO — Crystal Ortiz walked tall into a new life after she was handed a bachelor’s diploma in education at The University of Texas at El Paso last December, but frustration set in when she began to search for a job. “Finding a job in the field of education is a challenging task,” says Ortiz. “I am planning on going to graduate school this coming fall semester in order to increase my chances of being hired.”

For the past few years, she studied in classrooms, sitting among other students at aged desks, tapping at laptop keys as professors delivered lectures. But now, that chapter of her life has closed as she begins a new more difficult journey. Right now she hunts for a job that can provide a stable income while she waits to begin the career to which she devoted four and a half years of preparation.

Beware of ED: Eating Disorder Awareness

EL PASO, Texas — Sergio Guerra is not a person one would think is the typical sufferer of an eating disorder. When you see him, he is much bigger than your average-sized friend. But just because he is not thin, does not mean he does not suffer from this disease. “It was one of my step-sisters. She got angry at me for taking one of her donuts.