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DALLAS, Texas — So just as I am psyched up for the week I have a moment of frustration. I walk into the office and there is actually some spot news breaking in the Dallas area. This would be a great thing had I been able to cover it. Unfortunately, this coverage started a couple of hours before I was set to be in the office and another reporter was already at the press conference by the time I got there 🙁

So there I was missing the action. To make things worse, during our daily staff meeting via conference call, the Houston editor has a tendency to forget I’m in the Dallas bureau.

Time is of the essence!

Internship blog

DALLAS, Texas — Well, 12 weeks may seem like plenty of time. It’s really not. After working last week (week two), and getting my weekly evaluation, I’m feeling a sense of urgency to get my enterprise stories written. I have been working on one in particular that I want to wrap up. It’s been challenging getting a few details squared away, but if all goes well, I should be able to have it done next week.

Red Ink

Internship Blog

DALLAS, Texas — Week one of 12 down! Well, it’s one when your job is to take a red pen to the copy. It’s another thing when the red pen is taken to your own copy. Before I graduated, I was copy editing for The Prospector so the red pen was in my hand. It’s inevitable with being a reporter that editors go over your stories with the red pen.

Day One With the AP

Internship Blog
DALLAS, Texas — Well, I survived the first day. It started out routinely enough, I left way too early in the morning to make sure I wouldn’t arrive late. Driving on 635 in Dallas can be slow at best during rush hour so now I know how long it takes to get to work about 15 minutes early and not almost an hour early (unlike today). I met mostly everyone in the bureau and was happy to find that my colleagues have good senses of humor. —Newsrooms can be intense and it’s great when people can find a little humor in the small stuff.

C-ya ‘round suckas!

EL PASO, Texas — It is The Prospector tradition that the graduating seniors write a goodbye column.
 So, now that my time here at UTEP is coming to a close, I can’t help but take a look back at my journey. Years ago, if anyone asked me what I was going to do with my life, I would not have had an answer. But now that I am graduating, I am excited to say that I have an answer to that question –a journalist. There are many people out there that will say that journalism is a dying field and that the odds of finding a job are slim. The truth is that journalism is an evolving field and this is a very exciting time to be entering the workforce.

Earth Week Bhutanese Green Temple hopes to inspire recycling – Video

EL PASO — The Green Temple, built by students from the Environmental Advocates, American Students of Civil Engineering, volunteers and Special Events staff for Earth Week, took 400 hours to complete. Forty thousand plastic bottles were collected from UTEP, New Mexico State University and community members over the span of one week. The Bhutanese inspired temple was built with 20,000 of the collected bottles at the Don Haskins Center and transported in four large pieces to the second floor of Union Building East. Ralph Rivera, vice president of the Environmental Advocates, said arrangements are being made for the remaining collected bottles and Green Temple to be recycled at the end of Earth Week. He said he hopes people will begin to purchase reusable water bottles instead of disposable ones.

UTEP Media Conference – Video

EL PASO — Media professionals from KVIA-TV Channel 7, El Paso Times, KDBC-TV Channel 4, El Paso Media Group, KHOU-TV in Houston, KINT-Channel 26 (Univisión), El Paso Inc. and El Diario de El Paso, among others, participated as panelists in discussions about emerging media, Latino population consuming it and the current state of newspapers, radio and TV stations in the country. Video filmed and produced by Elida Perez. Full article by Adriana Gómez Licón: Conference addresses issues between media, community

El Paso economy – Slideshow

EL PASO — While the rest of the country struggles with economic troubles, El Paso is going strong. Slideshow produced by Elida Perez exclusive for Borderzine. Full article by Christine Kemp: El Paso Economy Thrives Despite the National Crisis