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DALLAS, Texas — Week one of 12 down!

Well, it’s one when your job is to take a red pen to the copy. It’s another thing when the red pen is taken to your own copy. Before I graduated, I was copy editing for The Prospector so the red pen was in my hand.

It’s inevitable with being a reporter that editors go over your stories with the red pen. We all know what this means–corrections, suggestions and trimming.

Some stories get more than others.

With this internship, I print out a copy of all my unedited stories and save them for the end of the week when I get an evaluation.

So today, I got my first evaluation.

Despite the bleeding pages, I was really thankful to get the feedback and suggestions on how to improve my writing for the AP. It wasn’t all bad, don’t get me wrong.

It was really useful to see those comments and be able to discuss them with my editor and trainer. Every summer internship has been a little different for me, and this summer, I rather enjoy the fact that I will be getting this feedback on a regular basis.

This internship has a pretty solid training program.

Now that week one is under my belt I can go in next week a little better prepared.

As they say, you can’t be in this business if you have a thin skin. This is especially true when it comes to having your work edited.

Overall, I had a very productive week. I wrote every day, got my first byline picked up by several news outlets and am working on an enterprise story.

And I’m getting the hang of our operating system.

Looking forward for week two!


Editor’s note: This blog was originally published on UTEP Communications.

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