Ricardo Arellano helps out his 8 year-old son trying new boots at Juarez Boots. (Adolfo Mora/Borderzine.com)

El Paso the Boot Capital of the World, but not for El Pasoans

EL PASO – “One moment,” Juan Guzman Villalobos said as he grabbed more cowboy boots from his RV parked outside the Border Farmworker Center in El Paso, Texas. Juan’s excitement in displaying a mixture of exotic and working boots made him forget about his ride to work. After a few minutes he comes out holding on to a pair of well-worn boots. “I prefer the ones made with ostrich skin because they are the most comfortable to use,” Juan explained while lining his eight pairs of boots in the RV steps. He then points to a pair of boots crafted with alligator skin, then picks up another made out of cow hide embellished with tiger prints.

Imperial Valley supports soliders in annual “Treats for the Troops”

IMPERIAL, Calif.—Imperial Valley College’s Students for Political Awareness held its eighth annual “Treats for the Troops” campaign on Saturday, focusing on “Operation America,” a club project dedicated to supporting American veterans, and U.S. troops deployed around the globe. Various members of this U.S.-Mexico border farming community showed up at the Imperial Veterans Hall to support the cause. Whether they had been involved in the program before or not, they all had their own stories representing a need to volunteer their time for the campaign. The following is a slideshow of the volunteer efforts.