5 great places to stretch your dollar dining out in Juarez

Ever wondered as an El Pasoan how much money you could save on your weekends if only you were to go to the other side of the border and spend your money over there? Well, I can guarantee you would, and big time. The dollar being valued at almost 17 pesos makes it a no-brainer for an entertainment bargain hunter to go to Juarez and save some money, especially if you’re talking about eating at restaurants and going to the movies. I’m not into the nightclub scene, but like to go out for a nice meal. I’ve been going to restaurants on both sides of the border since I was a little kid.

Juarez prison workers expect pope’s visit to have lasting impact on inmates

When Pope Francis arrives in the borderlands on Wednesday to celebrate afternoon Mass before thousands at a freshly built altar and pavilion called “El Punto” on the old Juarez fairgrounds, the pontiff will also make a stop at the Cereso state prison to visit several hundreds prisoners and their families. The prison, known as the Centro de Readaptación Social para Adultos No. 3, has a reputation as a rough facility for hardened criminals and in the past has experienced several riots and killings. On Wednesday, a group of Cereso prisoners will greet “el Papa” with a special song when he arrives at the prison doors at about 10:30 a.m. It is his first stop along a 25-mile human chain leading from the Juarez airport to the site of the Mass at El Punto. As in his visits to prisons in previous tours of U.S. cities like Philadelphia, Pope Francis is expected to bring a message of love, hope and forgiveness to the Cereso inmates and their families.