5 great places to stretch your dollar dining out in Juarez


Ever wondered as an El Pasoan how much money you could save on your weekends if only you were to go to the other side of the border and spend your money over there? Well, I can guarantee you would, and big time. The dollar being valued at almost 17 pesos makes it a no-brainer for an entertainment bargain hunter to go to Juarez and save some money, especially if you’re talking about eating at restaurants and going to the movies.

I’m not into the nightclub scene, but like to go out for a nice meal. I’ve been going to restaurants on both sides of the border since I was a little kid. Here are some of the places I think are among the best in Juárez to enjoy a good meal and dessert without spending too much.


Cinepolis, Las Misiones Shopping Mall

Yeah, I’m talking about the movie theater. There’s a VIP section, which is basically like a bistro. You pay three dollars more than the regular $4 admission ticket, but you’re sitting on one of the most comfortable leather seats you could ever ask for. While you relax in your recliner, you can have employees to bring you items from a menu with selections that range from sandwiches (called baguis), crepes and sushi to traditional theater foods like nachos, hot dogs and ice cream. Cinepolis offers three different types of popcorn – butter, cheddar and sweet.They will also bring you beverages from the bar. Normally, I go with my girlfriend and spend about $30 on everything. In El Paso, you can pay $30 just for two regular admission tickets, a bag of popcorn and a soda. So, why not have a better experience?


I Love Pizza, Antonio Bermudez Avenue

This is one of my favorite places to get pizza in the borderplex. The place is bright and colorful with a vintage 70’s feel. Seating is intimate, with a row of small tables and chairs in front of a long booth bench. Most of the time you won’t have to wait to get a table. The pizzas are made in rectangle form, but it’s their thin crust and variety of sauces that make them very unique. Sauce choices include tomato, chipotle and jalapeño. Also, they have a wide variety of bottled craft soft drinks.

Price range: $10 per person


El Cuchillo, Tómas Fernandez Avenue

This is certainly one of my overall favorite spots mainly because of their appetizers and unique aguas frescas, like cucumber and tajin and strawberry lemonade. El Cuchillo specializes in burgers and sandwiches that are served with a knife inserted into them. My favorite thing from this place has to be the queso fries with bacon that come in a big bowl that can be shared by 2 to 4 people. The only negative thing about this place is their parking lot, or lack thereof. The building is really small, but their parking lot is even smaller. You’ll likely have to find parking on a side street.

Price range: $15 per person


Thomas, Tómas Fernandez Avenue

This restaurant is also located on Tómas Fernandez Avenue, which is probably what inspired the name. It is in an old train boxcar, which is very hipster and if you’re into that type of stuff, you’ll love it. I define this place as the “Mexican Crave.” Why? Because their menu is almost identical to the Crave restaurant in El Paso, serving things like burgers, tuna sandwiches, fish tacos, steaks, salads and chicken and waffles. The plain french fries taste almost like McDonalds and come with a spicy ketchup. They also serve mac and cheese, sweet potato fries and queso fries. The servers are very friendly and eager to help. There is also an outstanding view to of Campestre golf course if you sit outside on the patio. This is my favorite place to eat with friends or family.

Price range: $15-$25 per person


Yamva, Tómas Fernandez Avenue

This is one of the best places in Juarez to grab dessert. Coincidentally, it’s right next to Thomas, so if you go there, consider leaving room for dessert, then go over to Yamva on the other side of the parking lot. Yamva specializes in crepes, while also serving a variety of coffees and other beverages,.

Price range: $3-$8 per person

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