How studying journalism helped my business career


When starting college we have one goal, and that is to graduate. We all dream of the day we walk across the stage with our name being called and feeling that satisfaction of “I did it!”

I went into the field of business marketing because I have always wanted to own my own business and knew that marketing knowledge is a huge asset for any business. Unfortunately, I found the classes I took in math and accounting to be dry and I couldn’t relate to them. When I saw that more were required for the degree, I ran away as fast as I could!

That’s when i decided to enter the communications field and study multimedia journalism. I have always been a people person and figured my social skills would help me in my career. My first Intro to Communication class with Dr. Richard Piñeda was when I knew I made the right choice, finally this is where I belonged.

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Since then I became a mom to a wonderful little boy that will soon be 8 years old, worked for a modeling agency in charge of sales and marketing and was a sales manager for a hotel. Last but not least, I landed an amazing opportunity as director of sales and marketing for a new, locally owned furniture store. It has definitely been a long journey and 11 years later I am in my final semester of completing my bachelors degree.

When I saw marketing position at the furniture store, I automatically jumped on it. I knew I had all the qualifications and was right up my ally. The different communication classes that I have taken were about to pay off. Being a journalism major gave me a different insight to the world we live in that not very many people have the opportunity to see. I feel many people live in a box, and can’t seem to see outside of it. The world through a journalist’s eyes is unlike any other. Its raw, unbiased and sometimes sad.

The push for the final semester was tough with a new full-time job. I was successful in convincing my new boss that I am right for the job despite not able to work two days out of the week during school.

In my different jobs I have been able to take what I have learned from the communications field to my advantage. I am able to listen to what our clients need, learn how to think outside of the box for a solution, that will not only help them out, but close the sale. Most of all, I’m informed. Being in touch with current events has helped me spark conversations at networking events and sales calls. That’s something I more than likely would not be in touch with if it wasn’t for journalism.

The various interviews that I have had to do for my journalism stories has given me the extra confidence I need to be able to walk into an event and walk out with a few leads and new professional relationships. I am now currently an ambassador for the Greater Chamber of El Paso, promoting El Paso and business opportunities.

Now that the college is over, I am very excited for what the future holds for me. Even though a career in journalism is not in the near future for me, I am very content with where my life is going and how studying communication and journalism helped form my career.


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