Facebook live makeup tips the latest in beauty trends


EL PASO, TX – Facebook Live is revolutionizing make-up as young women use the social media to share tips and broadcast the latest trends, according to at least one woman using the social media site.

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These are just a few of the popular brands girls love to use during makeup live videos. Photo credit: Claudia Garcia

Young women often scroll Facebook and run into live makeup tips from across the world. The women create groups within Facebook so only people they choose to share the tips with can join the exclusive group.

“I love to go live because I love the interaction I have with my viewers,” said Ellie Ayala, a Facebook user with thousands of followers that often goes live. With just one “notification” push of a button, they know when I’m on, and they can see me right away.”

Going live on social media is also helpful because not only does the audience learn from the make-up guru, but she learns from her audience as well. Ayala’s viewers tell her that her makeup is always “on point,” gives good advice on how to make your eyes “pop with color” and how to make it last longer. This is very interactive because as Ayala is doing her makeup, she is able to respond to your question about any makeup tips you might have.

These types of videos have their ups and downs. By gaining viewers and shares, the ‘makeup guru’ gets known throughout the platform. If she’s really good at what she does, more people will follow her page.

But going live is not always as pretty as it sounds. There are many women who cyber bully the ones doing their makeup just because that woman isn’t perfect at it or they don’t like the look they’re going for.

“There is always going to be someone that talks bad about you whether you do good or bad so the thing that I do is ignore those comments. If it gets to the point where the comments are too disrespectful, I just block the girl,” Ayala said.

Alejandra Garcia is a Texas State University student who loves watching youtube videos in her free time and finds the Facebook videos interesting.

“I just find them entertaining because its part of my hobbies to do makeup, and watching them is equally satisfying as doing my own makeup,” she said.

Karina Marquez, a University of Texas at El Paso graduate, who watches Facebook make-up videos, said she does not really do makeup on herself.

“Even though I don’t apply makeup on a daily basis because I don’t really know how to, I like watching these girls because of the creativity they have,” she said.

Despite the criticisms, makeup lovers won’t give up the makeup live videos and will continue to make themselves and other girls happy. Expect these makeup videos to grow even in your own timeline.


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