UTEP strives to give students an ‘Edge’ before and after graduation

The University of Texas at El Paso offers a vast array of services to students that will not only help them while in school but to prepare them for lifelong success as well. Besides course work, UTEP further prepares students by providing research experiences, creative activities, study abroad, student employment, and student internships, among others. This fall semester, UTEP gathered all of these activities under a new initiative called UTEP Edge, which helps students get involved in school and in their career planning by focusing on research projects and extracurricular activities while they are enrolled. “The Edge is really centered around three core statements which are talented students, enriching experiences, and lifelong success,” Marc Cox, director of the Center for Faculty Leadership and Development, said. According to Cox, the fact that the majority of UTEP students are bilingual is an asset.

El Paso has many Christmas events to keep anyone busy

The holiday season is here and it is only fair to say that El Pasoans have a unique style of celebrating. Despite temperatures in the 60’s with no sign of snow this fall, El Paso still makes the best out of the sunny weather. According to a study by WeatherUnderground.com, last year the average temperature was 60 degrees with no snowfall at all. So how do El Pasoans make themselves get in the holiday spirit? Besides the family atmosphere El Pasoans celebrate, the city makes its greatest efforts to plan daily activities that people can enjoy for the course of the winter.

Facebook live makeup tips the latest in beauty trends

EL PASO, TX – Facebook Live is revolutionizing make-up as young women use the social media to share tips and broadcast the latest trends, according to at least one woman using the social media site. Young women often scroll Facebook and run into live makeup tips from across the world. The women create groups within Facebook so only people they choose to share the tips with can join the exclusive group. “I love to go live because I love the interaction I have with my viewers,” said Ellie Ayala, a Facebook user with thousands of followers that often goes live. With just one “notification” push of a button, they know when I’m on, and they can see me right away.”

Going live on social media is also helpful because not only does the audience learn from the make-up guru, but she learns from her audience as well.

Army soldiers enjoy life on post, they say

FORT BLISS, TEXAS – Soldiers at El Paso’s Army base enjoy a high quality of life, spending time with family, friends and enjoying the city’s many cultural offerings, in between strenuous training sessions, some soldiers said. “Living on base allows my family to be closer together,” said Sgt. Alon Humphrey. “You know, do things, instead of being separate, we actually do things together.”

Among duties conducted by Army personnel is a fast-paced training called Sling Load. During this training, each group of soldiers learn how to attach a large missile gun to a helicopter all while in the middle of a sand storm and loud helicopter noise and downdraft.