6 great El Paso live music venues for the 18 and up crowd


Courtesy The Pizza Joint

Not every bar with a stage allows young adults under the age of 21 inside to enjoy the band, so here are some bumping places in El Paso where young music lovers can relish in some live tunes.

1. Tricky Falls – 209 S. El Paso St.

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Are you a hardcore metal-head ready to get hardcore? Then, Tricky Falls is the way to go. From local bands to several artists from out of town, this venue attracts the best screamo, ska, and metal bands to head-bang to. From time to time, you’ll encounter an EDM artist, such as Datsik, or a Rap artist like Immortal Technique playing here, so watch for those unique announcements.

2. Lowbrow Palace – 111 E. Robinson Ave.

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The bands that play are easily seen on stage from right up front, or from the balcony or at a table. This venue gives opportunity to local talent to share what they’ve got, so it is a great place to come across something not many people know about. I’m talking to you, hipsters. They also have a great assortment of menu items, especially delicious wings and bread sticks that are worth a try.

3. Sumatra Cocktail Lounge – 916 N. Mesa St.

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Want to chill out with some hookah at an intimate setting with some musicians? Sumatra Cocktail Lounge has just that. This venue provides a relaxing setting to enjoy local artists sharing their music with a nice selection of drinks from sodas to cocktails.

4. Electric Banana – 4151 N. Mesa St.

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This spacious venue offers plenty of room to dance, mosh, and even skank (ska dance) to a variety of music. There are also tables and chairs where you can kick back if you want to have chill night. Regular spectators and band members alike rave about the friendly staff. And unlike many other venues, vocals are heard with clarity even with a band behind them. Being a singer myself, this is my biggest concern at several concerts.

5. The Love Sprout – 11035 Sam Snead Dr.


Do you ever dream of finally getting your own place and having the best parties and music in the comfort of your own home? Well these people have done it. This hidden gem is in a neighborhood off Lee Trevino and is home to raw, dirty, and in-your-face punk and moshing like you have never seen before. Other types of bands play there occasionally with acoustic sets or hard rock headbanging. Aesthetics are not of great importance here, so it’s all about the music. Isn’t that what it is all really supposed to be about anyway?

6. The Pizza Joint (Downtown) – 500 N. Stanton St.


Courtesy The Pizza Joint


This place has a small stage area for open-mic performers and bands alike. Although the Pizza Joint is not a specifically a music venue, it is the perfect place to discover a variety of local artists. And, while you enjoy those sweet jams you can eat a slice or play some board games. It is a wonderful spot for those looking for a more relaxing spot to delight in music.


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