Rebeca Moreno’s art expresses the duality of womanhood in a sexist society


EL PASO — The Rubin Center serves as a laboratory for emerging artists and innovative practitioners, providing access for an audience of various diverse communities.

The opening of the 2014 Annual Juried UTEP Student Art Exhibition showcased works of art and design created by undergraduate students. An opening reception was held April 10th as a part of the UTEP Centennial Celebration Open Campus Event.

duality rebeca moreno

Duality by Rebeca Moreno.

Over 300 entries were entered into the contest with only 98 making it for final review by guest judges CC Bursell and Tanya Abril Castro.

Artwork in the museum was unique and gratifying to see. Each piece was fascinating and devised with great detail and interesting imagery.

The piece of work that caught my eye was Duality by Rebeca Moreno which was a piece painted with oils on wood.

It depicts a woman with two different outfits one which makes her seem more free because she is in her bathing suit and the other one she is fully clothed. The work is really simple but the meaning behind it seems deeper.

The canvas is a piece of plywood making for an interesting background as one of the woman’s arms seems to fade into the wood. The plywood is used as a part of the blending of the skin and shading that is applied on the woman.

The abundantly clothed woman has an expression of apprehension and is indirectly behind the first image of the lady, which could denote that she is hiding her genuine feelings but her attractiveness cannot let that show in contemporary society. She may want to be left alone, but our current sexist society won’t let her.

A woman herself, the artist intends to demonstrate how women are oppressed by the public that wants women to be sexy, when unfathomably they go through various problematic moments within their lifetime.

The blue background is what gives the idea of the image being a thought in someone’s or society’s mind. Its influences are that of a dreamy scenario in which the artist has portrayed for us in contemporary culture.

All pieces were distinctive and your imagination was enhanced by the visual art being demonstrated at the Rubin Center.

gris y Apajero a Soga
Staphany Garnica went on to win the Arlene Smith McKinnon Endowment Purchase
Award for Best of Show. While Rebeca Moreno’s Duality won Best Painting in the show. Another notable winner was Contained by Lionel Palma and Yennifer
Palma which won Sarah and Tom Lea Purchase Award for Best Life Drawing or Life

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