Stringing music for young people in the Imperial Valley


IMPERIAL, Calif. – “Strings in general, even at schools, aren’t a big thing but we kinda need it if we’re going to have any future in the orchestral music,” said Dr. Matthew Busse, instructor for Beginning Strings Orchestra and Southwest High School Orchestra teacher.

Two years ago Busse started an orchestra program at Corfman Middle School in El Centro, but recently moving from El Centro to Imperial, he said his wife suggested that he start the program for orchestra lessons in Imperial, after she saw flyers about guitar lessons and other lessons that the City of Imperial has to offer.

Busse thought about it and decided to expand it to see what happens.

So far, the turnout of students is fairly small with two students from Ballington Academy and a few from Imperial, but  Busse wants to invite anyone who hasn’t had any kind of experience in orchestral music and students who don’t have the opportunity to perform in their schools orchestra to join the program.

He hopes the City of Imperial will continue the program in order to open it up to students from all over the Valley to create a Valley wide youth orchestra.

The following audio slideshow shows an afternoon lesson of Beginning Strings Orchestra.

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