Las Mujeres of “Fuerza Unida”


In 1990 one of Texas’s Levis Strauss factories closed leaving hundreds of workers, mostly women, without their livelihood. To many, it was the only job they ever had. From their loss, a support group was born. A group that later became a leading center to empower women in San Antonio, Texas through education, social work and community activism.

Produced, shot, edited by Patricio Espinoza with the assistance of associate producer Bernessa Jakle, The Women of “Fuerza Unida” story aired with PBS DocuBloggers, KLRU, Austin, Texas. And it received a 2009 Emmy Nomination.

Thank you to Sean Cunningham and Domenique Bellavia, the force behind Docubloggers a program ahead of its time that embraced community contributions and opened the door to our stories. Budgetary challenges unfortunately closed the show earlier this year. We hope this nomination would spark new interest to support these efforts.


Editor’s note: This video was originally published on Docubloggers on October 11th, 2007.

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