Teachers explore their identities to improve pedagogical techniques


EL PASO — Searching for your own identity and getting to know yourself could make you a better teacher.

“I wanted to get across to the teachers here that knowing themselves and recognizing their own identity, their restraints and their abilities, to be able to recognize traditions, benefits and beliefs within their own culture,” said Lucille Dominguez, a Lecturer in the College of Education at UTEP speaking at the 5th Annual ABC Conference here.

Dominguez said that diversity and equity give both teachers and students a chance to look into their own culture. “They would be more able to recognize those in other cultures and to transit that to the classrooms, students and their classes.”

Hundreds of teachers were shown new teaching techniques and how to improve their skills. “Anytime you get to meet with colleagues from other districts, having interaction with them and professionals is always a good thing,” said David Ayala, a teacher who attended the conference. “That is what always helps you out as far as you taking back whatever information or knowledge they give you, and apply it to your students, that is the best way to learn for us teachers.”

The ABC, which stands for A Better Beginning Conference, is a meeting place where teachers gather to learn how to hone skills to better interest their student’s attention. The keynote speaker was Lou Anne Johnson author of  “Dangerous Minds,” the book that later became a movie.

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