Amigo Airsho, a Ride for the Family


EL PASO— Most people never get a chance to inspect military planes up close, but for one weekend out of the year, thousands of El Pasoans not only saw the planes in action, but they were able to go inside a select group of them.

(Jesus Sanchez/

(Jesus Sanchez/

Despite a hint of rain in the first weekend of October, people came out in numbers to experience the Amigo Airsho held at Fort Bliss.

The Airsho is an annual event held at the Biggs Army Airfield where people can see the state of the art in military equipment along with civilian and commercial aircraft, while experienced pilots do amazing aerobatic tricks. For one stunt, a woman rode attached to top of a plane while the aircraft raced through the sky without her budging.

“I like coming to the Airsho,” said Georgina Rubio, who has attended the Airsho twice now. “I enjoy it because it is something you can do with the whole family, because the kids can play on the games, eat and just be able to enjoy the show.”

The NASA plane C-17, some F-22’s, and S-16 helicopters were some of the aircraft open for visitors to walk through, “There were 55,000 people who showed up the Airsho,” said Amanda Mora, Director of Operations.

Mora could not say which trick was the most popular. “Since there was a variety of S-22 fly by, wing walking, air activities and ground activities that people enjoyed, which is why people came to the show,” she said.

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