Xeriscaping at Imperial Valley College


IMPERIAL, Calif.—Imperial Valley College had a growth spurt in the last three years with a techno-new science building, expanded parking facilities, updated classrooms, and water-friendly landscaping.

While the science building is impressive, parking is now abundant, and learning in 21st century classrooms is a reality, it’s the often-overlooked things like one small, bright desert flower, a lush green lawn, or a 40-foot tree providing relief from the heat that might help to nurture pride and performance in study-weary students, faculty and staff.

With this facelift came the new philosophy of landscaping the campus with a more “green-friendly,” energy-efficient technology—xeriscaping.

Here is a closer look:




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Kevin Iqueda

I'm just a student in IVC looking forward to becoming a journalist, a cook, and a musician someday. I'm hoping to transfer to CSU San Marcos once i obtain the credits required and obtain my majors there, and hopefully a minor in the Culinary arts. I'm not really social, but i look forward to become social thorugh music and journalism, so far, it's working little by little. I love music, cooking, and writing, which explains my interest for school, and one day i want to make them into a career.

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  1. Iliana Felix

    Awesome job!
    I remember Mr. Webster attending the ASG committee meetings last year and reporting on their ideas for landscaping, it’s really nice to see the final product.

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