The reality of being alone creates the reality of relationship

Our three grandchildren range in age: just over two, just over three, and six years old. They are adorable. I think at first that is not possible for a grandchild to be anything less than adorable. Of course that is the message sent coursing from my eyes through the internal web, the model for the one we can all connect to, that mushy thing that lives, sometimes in comfort, sometimes in despair, inside my skull. Someone else might see them as cute, or clumsy; hear them as too quiet or too loud; experience them as too shy or too pushy.

George Hinojosa practices Parkour because he believes it is useful in everyday life. (Alejandro Alba/

Parkour teaches students courage, self-awareness, and how to roll with the jumps

EL PASO – Everything began back at Anthony High School. George Hinojosa along with his two best friends began practicing Parkour along the school hallways and jumping over cafeteria tables gracefully. Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one’s path by adapting one’s movements to the environment. A year later, Hinojosa now finds himself taking on more challenging barriers and obstacles, such as the break along the staircase in front of the Psychology Building at the UTEP campus. Hinojosa said he took on the practice of Parkour to feel some sort of superiority, soaring through crowds and jumping from buildings that are 10 feet high.