College grads struggle to find jobs in a tight economy but networking helps

EL PASO – As a recent college graduate and member of the millennial generation, as the news media calls us, I, like many others, have “struggled” and weathered various trials and tribulations to try to find a job in my field of communication and news media. Before even graduating I was sending out resumes, scouring the Internet, asking anyone who I thought would lend a “helping hand” to help me find a job. I even volunteered for over two years for free with no fringe benefits. It was certainly tough for me to find anything permanent or even that paid. I had followed what I believed was a tried-and-true approach to obtaining a professional career in the communications field.

Planet Forward: Emergency on Planet Earth

EL PASO, Texas — The University of Texas at El Paso is “walking the walk and not just talking the talk.”

A famous quote by Henry David Thoreau states : “Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.”

When it comes to concern about the environment; UTEP’s answer:  build three new multi-million dollar construction projects. UTEP’s ongoing construction projects all have green initiatives, including locations for cyclists to come and relax, take a shower, and place their personal belongings in new lockers. This supports the concept that students should ride their bike to UTEP instead of driving their car. Ed Soltero, UTEP’s director of planning and construction promises, “one day UTEP will eventually be off limits to cars, it will become strictly students.”

Currently, UTEP proposes to be in the vanguard in helping to preserve the environment in the southwest. “UTEP has most certainly been at the forefront of these sustainability issues,” according to Soltero.