While rebels battle for freedom in Lybia, we fight against penury at the gas pump

EL PASO — Blame the turmoil overseas with protestors and rulers at war with each other for the rising gas prices we see here in the United States. Within a matter of days, the average price for regular gas jumped from $3.19 per gallon, to $3.50 per gallon, and those prices are expected to rise again by the start of the summer season. So how can students buy gas without going broke? Here are a few ways to prevail for those who must brave through this dark time. One of the most obvious choices when it comes to saving gas is carpooling.

The Miner Movie Makers

EL PASO — At the beginning of the school year in the fall semester of 2009, Bobby Gutierrez had an ambitious group of students in his Intro to Video class. Among those students were Stephanie Soto, Joel Gannon, and myself, Michael Huante. Through the course of the semester, the three of us worked on projects together and with other students, and forged a friendship that holds strong to this day. Stephanie Soto, a senior Digital Media major, came up with an idea by the end of the semester, and told Joel and I about it. She expressed her thoughts on the fact that UTEP didn’t have much going in the area of film, and that something had to be done about it.