My path to health and healing after struggling with an eating disorder

I was diagnosed with an eating disorder when I was 17 years old. One of my best friends went down the same road a year later. Many girls will starve their body; throw their finger down their throat and over exercise as if their life depended on it. In those moments of my life, I felt that it did. That was all I would think about; how to be skinnier.

Print shop supports El Paso by design

EL PASO – If this border city’s culture could be captured on a T-shirt, the Proper Printshop is probably the place that is printing it. The spirit of the Sun City is at the heart of the central El Paso shop at 800 Montana where owners J.J. Childress and Alan Hudson embrace the language, the people and the city itself in their designs. The owners and employees work are also passionate about helping clients transform their own ideas into works of art. “We don’t want to be the shop that you go into, you have a bad design and they say OK and just print it,” Childress said. “We want to help you improve and shape your artwork.”

The print shop is not only known for creating art, but also promoting El Paso’s unique culture and local art scene.