A personal note on the writing of Bloody Battles Batter Business. When I first began writing this story in August of this year the body count was a terrorizing 700, now in the early weeks of December that number has since doubled. I hoped that by the time this story was published some of this violence might have subsided. That “they” would have stopped killing the “bad guys”, and everything would go back to what it once was. Some believe these killings are “surgical” and that only those who are guilty of corruption have fallen.

Bloody Battles Batter Business

What was once a bustling scene of smiling tourists and eager sales people peddling their wares is now eerily quiet.  Smiles have been replaced with drawn faces and eyes full of worry. Courtesy of Minero Magazine. Originally published on Vol. VII, Fall 2008. Since January 2008, there have been more than 1,000 homicides in Ciudad Juárez.  The number of murders in El Paso’s close neighbor thus far averages nearly four killings per day.  The numbers continue to rise each day and have increased by more than 300 since research into this article began.