Fresco brings new juicing option to downtown


By Charlene Martinez

Several health conscious restaurants are sprouting throughout Downtown El Paso. Located less than a block from San Jacinto Plaza, Fresco offers downtown an all natural and fresh menu.

“Our smoothies are 100% natural, a lot of other places do have sugars and they are not natural. Our store is 100% natural and fresh and that’s why most of our customers are interested in it,” owner Rebeca Talamantes said. “It’s a cool place to come to, you can sit and work and spend a couple of hours here.”

Talamantes began juicing at home which lead her to open Fresco in November of last year.

“Running Fresco is fun but it’s also a lot of hard work. I didn’t actually think it would be this much work but it’s fun. I get to eat here all day and it does enhance my eating habits,” Talamantes said. “I started juicing at home by finding some recipes and doing them at home. That’s when I decided to do it for other people.”

Photo by Charlene Martinez for Journalism in July

Photo by Charlene Martinez for Journalism in July

Along with the determination for starting her business, Talamantes said she believes that the choice of being healthy is something that will stick around and is becoming a popular choice in the downtown area and rest of the El Paso community.

“The healthy lifestyle right now is not just a trend to be healthy, but it’s a trend that is going to stay,” Talamantes said. “People are adapting more to the healthier lifestyle in the downtown area. There’s a lot of offices so all the people that work in the downtown area are sitting down for hours, and they want to go downstairs and get something healthy to eat and drink.”

Fresco patron and body builder Manny Rodriguez found the establishment on Instagram, and was able to enjoy Fresco’s wheatgrass shots.

“I actually live in the Northeast. We came here because we like downtown and how it is settled. We  followed this place [Fresco] on Instagram and decided to check it out,” Rodriguez said. “Fresco has good prices of course you can make it at home but the price is better.”

Rodriguez believes Fresco helps benefit other lives by providing a purpose if one is seeking help in their diet.

“Everything here has a benefit,” Rodriguez said. “Everything I’ve seen here has a purpose, and it’s not for taste. It’s for energy and to boost your metabolism.”

Customer and Yoga Instructor Aimee Carrillo acknowledged their vegan option, and thinks Fresco is evolving the community.

“They use natural ingredients so I think their bar would be helpful to the community because taking care of what we eat is actually important for our health. I’m a yoga instructor so it helps me to keep nurturing myself without eating fast food,” Carrillo said.“It encouraged me to be mindful about what I’m eating or drinking. It helps me to be healthy so I like that about Fresco.”

Carrillo desires more change for downtown when it comes to affordable healthy choices.

“I think we need more healthy businesses in the Downtown area because there are only a few restaurants that really do care about what kind of food they are providing,” Carrillo said. “I like it here because it’s super affordable, they have wraps that are like 4.99 and they are huge. They really give me energy. The juices they have here are super cheap in comparison to other places so it’s a good option for your health.”

Fresco is open from 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. during the weekdays and is closed throughout the weekend.

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