3 great El Paso outdoor fitness spots to inspire your new year workout resolutions


When I ask people around the city what is holding them back from working out, the answer often deals with not feeling comfortable in the gym environment or not wanting to pay for pricy gym memberships. I can relate. I don’t have a gym membership either. However, that is not stopping me from trying to maintain a healthy life. I have found much comfort and peace in the beautiful and free outdoor workout areas my hometown of El Paso, Texas, has to offer.

We pretty much have great weather year- round so here are my top 3 outdoor spots for getting a great workout almost anytime.

1. Scenic Drive

_DSC0163.JPGHugging the edge of the Franklin Mountains, this area is breathtaking. This is a great location for either running, walking or bike riding from the bottom of Rim Road to the overlook at the top of Scenic Drive where you can see both El Paso and Juarez, Mexico.

_DSC0157.JPG Once you reach the top there is a spacious area to stretch or even do some plyometrics. I would recommend doing your workout during the daylight in order to be seen by cars driving by.

2. Chamizal National Memorial Park

_DSC0123.JPGLocated near Bowie High School at 800 S San Marcial St, this national park packs a lot of historic background on the border of El Paso and Mexico. This park is home to many cultural events including Music Under the Stars.

_DSC0127.JPGNative plants line the running trails attracting hummingbirds all year. It is a peaceful environment with an amazing cultural experience. Be sure to stop by the Spanish Gardens on your run. Anything from bike riding, yoga, running or even frisbee can be done at this scenic area.Park hours are 5:00 am to 10:00 pm

3. The Fountains at Farah

_DSC0105.JPGMany wouldn’t think of exercising at this new outdoor shopping center at 8889 Gateway Blvd W, however this is a stunning environment for a workout. Down the middle of the shopping area is a large patch of grass that makes a great workout spot for yoga or plyometrics.

_DSC0115.JPGAfter your workout you can grab a healthy bite to eat at the nearby restaurants. In warmer weather you can even run through the fountains to really cool off. Local yoga studio Casa De Yoga offered free yoga classes at this location in November. Definitely be on the lookout for more health related activities in this area come summer time.


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