10 things you need to be a Super Fan

UT El Paso Super Fan Gregg Bush , who says he bleeds orange and navy, shows off his fan gear. Photo by Hector Bernal, Borderzine.com

UT El Paso Super Fan Gregg Bush , who says he bleeds orange and navy, shows off his fan gear. Photo by Hector Bernal, Borderzine.com

1. Learn the rules

Know the rules

Photo credit: Hector Bernal

Before dedicating your time to any sport you should scan through the basic rules of the game. It is hard to enjoy something when you don’t know what’s going on. Kick it up a notch as a Super Fan by learning the history and trivia of the game.

2. Choose your teams wisely

Choose a team

Photo taken by Triple 8

Having a sentimental reason for picking your favorites will make it easy to explain later in life if you end up living in your arch-rival’s territory. Most people go with a hometown connection or a family loyalty that has been passed down. Be careful with picking teams for whimsical things like their colors or mascots. That can hurt your reputation as a true believer.

3. Know the schedule

Know the schedule

Photo credit: Hector Bernal

Ordinary fans know when their team is playing in town. A Super Fan knows what they’re up to when they’re away. This will come in handy when other fans try to compete with you over statistics and comparisons.

4. Know your chants and cheers


Photo credit: Hector Bernal

You don’t want to be an outcast because you can’t sing your lungs out during a match. Make sure to learn your teams’ songs and the popular chants that cheer them on.

5. Keep up with fan fashion

Get hold of the right fashion

Photo credit: Hector Bernal

Your team’s jersey should be worn like a second skin. You can add an extra scarf or maybe a hat to let people know who the real fan boss is.

6. Put makeup to a good use

Put make up to a good use

Photo credit: Hector Bernal

Wearing the team logo is not enough to show team spirit. True passion and commitment calls for you to paint yourself up and walk proudly among the crowd.

7. Get up and make some noise

Make some noise

Photo Taken by Axel Buhrmann

Set an example by being the first to rise up from your seat and encourage others around you to express their support. Loudly.

8. Let rivalry stay on the pitch.


Photo credit: Hector Bernal

Part of being a Super Fan is making sure everyone enjoys the game, which means showing respect for the opposing teams and their fans. This opens up the possibility of getting to know more people like you, even if they are rivals.

9. Be social

Social Involvement

Photo Taken by Tbachner

Super Fans do more than just show up and cheer. Get involved with building a fan-based community by organizing and planning events.

10. Enjoy the game.

Enjoy the Game

Photo taken by Netol

You’ve done your part to show your support for your team, so be sure you get to enjoy the game being played.

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