‘Frida Kahlo’ celebrated Mother’s Day at Café Mayapan



The crowd settling down for the Mother's Day evenings events at Café Mayapán. Photo credit: Olivia Camacho

EL PASO— With thick, painted-on eyebrows, ribbons entangled in braided hair with brightly colored roses at the crown of their heads, the women came dressed in their best Frida Kahlo outfits to make a strong statement about powerful Mexican women on Mother’s Day.

An “Evening of Frida Kahlo” took place Friday May 9th at Café Mayapán located at 2000 Texas Avenue, with games, raffles, a film, food, and fun. The group hosting the event was La Mujer Obrera, a local group of women factory workers that was formed in 1981 by displaced garment workers.

“We wanted something to celebrate women, something to celebrate mothers,” said Cemelli De Aztlán, one of the evening’s hosts.

Frida Kahlo de Rivera was born July 6, 1907 in the Coyoacan neighborhood of Mexico City. She was a painter best known for her self portraits, which opened a window to a life of pain and passion. She married famous artist Diego Rivera and she died at 47.

Jamie Chin as Frida Kahlo

First place Frida Lookalike winner Jamie Chin with friend Chris Bailey Photo credit: Olivia Camacho

The talented danza azteca group Ome Coatl (twin serpent) started the night off with four dances all dedicated to Mother Nature.

After the opening dance and a short introduction from the main host, Gina Perez, the Frida lookalikes dove into a few games of loteria. The prizes included books, shirts with Frida emblazoned on them, handmade jewelry, plates and art.

After the few rounds of loteria, De Aztlán began the Frida Kahlo lookalike contest with first place going to “Frida [Jamie] Chin.”

“Frida Kahlo is one of my personal, I don’t like the word hero, but she’s someone I’m inspired by, and I admire her aesthetic, her self image looked like one of her paintings, like a work of art,” said Chin.

Once the contest was finished, the film screening of the 2002 film Frida, starring Salma Hayek, took place.

During the event, Café Mayapan’s waitstaff served a special menu specifically for the event including tortilla soup, enchiladas, salad and aguas frescas.

tortilla soup

Café Mayapan's famous tortilla soup. Photo credit: Olivia Camacho

frida honorary.jpg

Honorary Frida Lookalike Winners Photo credit: Olivia Camacho

loteria cafe mayapan

Loteria cards being ready to be played. Photo credit: Olivia Camacho

la mujer obrera cafe mayapan

Casually looking at prizes offered by La Mujer Obrera. Photo credit: Olivia Camacho

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