The El Paso Chihuahuas – The image of powerful, intimidating winners… really?

Thalia, a powerful and intimidating (?) Chihuahua. (Jose Luis Hernandez/

Thalia, a powerful and intimidating (?) Chihuahua. (Jose Luis Hernandez/

EL PASO – It’s been two weeks since I was sitting down at home and watching the live-stream of the announcement of El Paso’s new Triple A Baseball team name at the Plaza Theatre, and I still can’t believe what I heard and saw.

After all the suspense and speculation, I let out a loud and horrified “no!” as I saw the name “Chihuahuas” being unveiled. When friends texted me saying how mortifying and ridiculous the name was, I realized I wasn’t the only one who was horrified and embarrassed.

Thalia, a powerful and intimidating (?) Chihuahua. (Jose Luis Hernandez/

Thalia, a powerful and intimidating (?) Chihuahua. (Jose Luis Hernandez/

How this name was chosen over more intimidating names like Sun Dogs, Desert Gators, or Buckaroos is beyond my comprehension. Chihuahuas along with Aardvarks were on my list of least of likely names because of their poor or lack of marketability and intimidation factor. I was terribly wrong.

When the billboards went up with the mean, red eyes saying “They’re Coming” and the date of when the announcement would be made, I believed it to be something cool and awesome, and then unconfirmed internet leaks of a red dog that looked like Clifford The Big Red Dog with the same red eyes.

As soon as the first image came up, it certainly made people believe that it was the Sun Dogs that would be the team name. I cautiously didn’t jump the gun and wanted to hear it officially from those in charge.

So the waiting game began and nothing more came up until the day of the announcement, and that’s when a leaked photo of a grey El Paso Chihuahuas t-shirt started circulating around. However, I shrugged it off because it didn’t seem likely, or it rather seemed impossible at the time that that mascot would represent El Paso.

I understand that the Chihuahua is a dog that is native to Mexico and is also popular to have not just here in the borderland but all over the United States, but how does a small dog that is all bark with very little bite going to intimidate any team that comes into El Paso?

The only other names in the Pacific Coast League, the baseball league El Paso will be part of, that sound not too intimidating are the Tacoma Rainiers and Las Vegas 51’s. Everyone else in the league have pretty good and intimidating names, for example, Albuquerque Isotopes, Fresno Grizzlies, Omaha Storm Chasers, just to name a few, but they work and grab your attention in an intimidating way. Chihuahuas does grab attention but in a weird and funny way.

Each of the other names had a case for being and not being used as the team name. For example, Aardvark is an animal from Africa that thrives on eating ants and termites, and believe me there is no shortage of ants here in the borderland. Also, when thinking of Africa, we think of desert, and El Paso is in a desert area so why not Aardvarks? Well, because for me, Aardvarks still doesn’t bring that aura of intimidation that a team name should bring.

Desert Gators, Buckaroos, and Sun Dogs all had much stronger cases and were my top picks for the team name. Buckaroos because we live in Texas, and Texas is famous for its cowboys and ranches. It would take some getting used to, but it would work. Also, Sun Dogs and Desert Gators would work to because using anything with sun or desert in its name here works because we live in a desert, and El Paso is known as the Sun City. It was almost common sense to use these names because of our area but also because of some of our history with the names like the Gators, but common sense and logic seemed to have slipped out the backdoor when the decision was made.

I am very much against this name, and I even signed a petition going around on, a website designed to create petitions for change, to change the name. However, as I think on it more and more, the name change would be impossible now because of all the investment and marketing of the team name. A lot of people have jumped on the Chihuahua bandwagon but I haven’t and won’t unless one thing happens to validate the name and that is that this team makes a playoff run or even wins the Triple A Championship.

Then, only then will I accept the name Chihuahuas.

6 thoughts on “The El Paso Chihuahuas – The image of powerful, intimidating winners… really?

  1. You need to get over it. It is obvious that El Pasoans and people all over the world love the CHIHUAHUAS.

  2. As intimidating as the El Paso taxpayer and as docile as El Paso voters. Maybe the mascot should be “El PASO TAXPAYERS”. That would make the other team’s bats turn to limp rubber.

  3. I happen to believe that the skinny little dogs are a great mascot for EP- fierce, protective, determined and lovable all rolled up into one bundle.

  4. Seriously? Protective? To be protective, you kind of have to be able to back you **** up, as the “brothers” would say. One kick and they’re down. Oh wait, perfect for an El Paso team then! huehue

  5. Chihuahuas are scary! Have you seen one go crazy? They attack more often than larger dogs ( or at least it seems, they’re mean little things). I don’t like the name myself, but your correct in it not changing. Too much promotional efforts and investment of time and money have already been used, and circulated being that people have already began to support it. Might as well show spirit for our city and be supportive at this point.

  6. I like many others in El Paso, thought the name was lame. But the logo and the
    tremendous opportunity to market its name convinced me that it is a good name for the team. Keep in mind that the ability to market the merchandise is very important
    not only to the franchise owners as they can use the money to provide the best entertainment for the fans after the game. Remember that the premise of getting the fans to show up is not only based on the team, but also on the family atmosphere and entertainment after the game.
    El Paso, that’s keep an open mind and give this great team a chance to succeed. Be proud that we have a triple A team in our own back yard and a beautiful stadium that others major cities would loved to have.

    “EL PASO!!! My Town.. My City!” Whoop
    Jay Valenzuela

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