Hey Bartender, Don’t Keep Me Waiting!


El Paso, Texas — Every time I go out I experience the same thing —horrible service.

It is a crime that one has to wait more than 20 minutes to get a bevvie, especially if you specialize in the service. I mean, they aren’t doctors or lawyers —they’re bars and nightclubs.

It is an inescapable curse of going out with a small group of friends or not knowing the bartenders from regularity or some other means, the fact that a beer is twenty minutes away at the peak of the night.

Do these bars not have managers capable of seeing the suffering that one goes through when they go out? Girls have to get ready, which can take anywhere from one to three hours, wear heals, make-up, and outfits that look about as comfortable as a noose around my neck. Guys have to… well, we don’t have to do as much, maybe some of the metro’s like me do but it’s relatively easy for a guy to get ready to go out and look good. All this to go out and have a good time and drinks with friends, or maybe meet that potential somebody you’re looking for.

This horrible service is something I have experienced since I began to go out as a teenager in Juárez, later in Austin, last semester in Europe and any other place I’ve ever gone out to that attracts huge crowds of patrons.

What I fail to understand is why can’t bars hire enough people to cover the mad rushes they get in the middle of the night. Obviously, bar-owners are going to want as much profit as possible, but come on guys, wise up to the fact that extra staff would only profit your business more. Plus, you wouldn’t even need to have them there for the entire night. If more people get drinks quicker, they spend and consume more.

The problem isn’t easily solved, more people consuming more means more people drunk off their behinds. How do we solve this problem? Perhaps getting better rates for cab rides home if you’re intoxicated? Maybe making some sort of bus line that could take you closer to home? The answers are out there, but the fact is that bars offer some of the worst service, it’s almost like a European restaurant, they only like you if you’re pretty or pretty wealthy, or get your nose stained from kissing their asses.

Perhaps they could actually get involved in the fact that they can only open till two in the morning. These bars are out to juice their clientele in one night, instead of keeping them coming back for more.

If I were a stupid man, I would offer these bar owners specific tips and details as to how to increase the level of their service so I will wait for them to ask. Ca-ching!

I call out the bars of El Paso to increase their service for the sake of bettering your establishment and seeing it live out its potential. Profits will be better than ever. When people feel better served, they open their wallets to you.

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