No rest for the weary Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS — It never really clicked in my mind what people meant when they said Vegas is the city that never sleeps, until I was unable to sleep in Vegas.

After 72 hours of living a 21-year-old’s dream of freedom, I realized that in the Sin City there are no limits to what you can experience.

I don’t think I could have lasted any longer. Vegas was not reality to me. It was almost a never-ending waking dream, probably because Vegas didn’t want me to sleep either.

I was afraid that I was going to miss out on any action that was taking place. The entire strip of Vegas is always open to the public. Compared to shopping malls in most cities that close at 9 p.m., here they close later, around midnight.

Las Vegas Strip, Hard Rock Café. (Kitria Stewart/

Las Vegas Strip, Hard Rock Café. (Kitria Stewart/

I never imagined a place that could be so draining after only a few days. I recommend wearing comfortable shoes during the day, since walking throughout the strip can be very tiring. Be prepared to get enough sleep before arriving, I had no more then 6 hours of rest. There is no limit to the amount of money that you spend; I suggest coming prepared — by the end of your sleepless Vegas vacation, your pockets could either be full or empty.

There are tons of people from all over the world walking and filling the sidewalks. “The Strip” has little space for actual walking and very tall buildings stand looming over you.

It reminds me of a cartoon world, with gigantic images, so big that it startles your eyes as you look around. Walking from block to block, you are hit with a different theme at each hotel.

Some of the popular hotels are Cesar’s Palace, Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, and the Wynn. At Cesar’s Palace, the ceilings are painted into a blue sky with clouds and pictures of angels. There are Roman god statues that stand like guards surrounded with beautiful colorful flowers throughout the hotel.

Rockhouse Bar & Night Club. (Kitria Stewart/

Rockhouse Bar & Night Club. (Kitria Stewart/

The Cosmopolitan is more of a glamorous hotel filled with shimmering sparkling lights everywhere. The hotel based its colors on purple, white, and silver, with big sofas in every room. I never felt so peaceful as when I entered the Bellagio hotel. The hotel is huge with a rich taste to it. The Bellagio is completed with many designer stores to shop in, just like the other hotels.

However, what sets aside the Bellagio from the rest is the amazing water show. The water show plays every 30 minutes until nightfall. The show is very emotional to me and has soft playing music in the background.

In a place known as the Sin City there is much drinking of beer, cheap margaritas and other drinks. There are many casinos that surround you everywhere you go calling your name to spend your money. The nights are lit with colorful lights that keep you mingling and moving throughout the strip.

Surrounded by the nightlife entertainment and comedy shows there is always something to keep you busy. Everyone should have a taste of Vegas, where anything goes because as we know, “what happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas.”

Las Vegas Boulevard. (Kitria Stewart/

Las Vegas Boulevard. (Kitria Stewart/





  1. Zita Arocha

    Kitria, nice blog on living it up in sin city. You captured the unreality of the place with nice language and images. Keep writing. You definitely have lots worth saying.

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    You are awesome keep up the good work’ you make me so proud live your life to the fullest you deserve it

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