Soldiers warned to use caution as social media use grows

FORT BLISS, TEXAS – Soldiers using social media – a tool often used by members of the military to keep in contact with family from far away places and to combat depression – have been warned to be vigilant about their public footprint. Army personnel have been warned to employ “Think, Type, Post” when engaging on social sites,” according to a Pentagon memo to members of the military. “This is pretty much common sense stuff,” Capt. Traun C. Moore, of the 24th press camp headquarters and a public information officer. “There is operational security that we always have to keep in mind when putting information on these platforms. We wouldn’t want to put any of our soldiers or their families at risk, so yes, everything is screened before it goes up and published to these platforms.”

An Associated Press article this year reported that the Pentagon said that nearly 6,200 military members had been photographed in sexually explicit photos, the photos were later shared on different social platforms against their will by someone from work. The Pentagon also reported that more than 22,000 people among all U.S. services said they were uncomfortable and mad when someone they knew from work sent them pornography via social media.

Creator of Facebook Live addresses antisemitism and ‘fake news’ at UTEP event

The University of Texas at El Paso hosted media innovator and former Facebook executive Randi Zuckerberg Feb. 21 at the Undergraduate Learning Center who spoke to an intimate crowd about her Jewish background and the proliferation of “fake news” during and after President Donald Trump’s successful campaign for president. During her talk to a crowd of over 100 people, she discussed a variety of topics such as the roles and responsibilities of media in people’s daily lives. She also discussed the rise of “fake” news and how we now live in a world where media’s focus has become getting the news out “faster, quicker, better and then check it later.” Zuckerberg is a graduate of Harvard University and a 2011 Emmy nominee, who has become an important figure in the world of media, having created the Facebook Live streaming video service and launching Zuckerberg Media, whose mission is to inspire tech-savvy entrepreneurial girls and women by creating content.

Junior Vasquez takes a picture in front of local restaurant, Nona's Pizza Bar, for an Instagram post. (Yvette Kurash/

Social media gets the ‘word of mouth’ out to retail customers

EL PASO — When Nona’s Pizza Bar opened last summer there was no grand opening celebration and no traditional ads were bought to promote the new restaurant. The Sun City found out through the new “word of mouth” —Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The storefront was ready on Sunday evening and they opened the following day to a good crowd without missing a beat. Once a picture of Nona’s famous LED “El Paso” sign was posted on social media, everyone wanted a piece. If used correctly, social media can help build a small business in El Paso through these networks.