New Latinx generation embraces the code-switching identity once derided as ‘pocho’

EL PASO –For some young borderlanders, pocho is a word that unites two cultures. “El Paso and Juarez is its own culture. We are neither entirely American and we are neither entirely Mexican so pochismo would be somewhat some of our language,” said Antonio Villaseñor, 23, a University of Texas graduate student and editor of the online magazine Con Safos. With outlets like Buzzfeed and we are mitú featuring videos on Youtube describing the experience of being a pocho in the United States and new clothing lines like the L.A-based Pocho wear, the term is being embraced by a new generation of Mexican-Americans. “I see it as something positive.

6 phrases border dwellers should know when visiting Mexico City


Just because you live on the borderline between El Paso and Juárez, doesn’t mean that you get to know all the Mexican phrases. We are not even close to using them all and many we have never heard before. If by any chance you plan to travel to México City, let me give you a quick guide to some common phrases that you will be hearing over there. 1. Sepa la bola

In English: Know the ball

This is a simple phrase that that can also be heard here on the border to tell someone that they do not know something.